The birth of CASAS+ARCHITECTS emerged from the partnership of two young architects, Jose Pedro C. Recio and Carmelo T. Casas. Both of them had their diversified practice in Hong Kong's top architectural firms.

The two architects' international stint with major Hong Kong-based international firms spanned from 1976 to 1988. From there, they decided to form their partnership in October 1988 and took on the name RECIO+CASAS which was initially Hong Kong based.

In 1990, a Philippine office was opened which spearheaded the partnership's involvement as design consultant for the high-rise luxury residential development, the Pacific Plaza at Ayala Avenue, with Arch. Casas as the Principal Designer.

Since then, the partnership of Jose Pedro Recio and Carmelo Casas undertook the role of design consultant for many projects such as ABS/CBN Broadcasting Studio Complex, Kingswood Gardens, One and Two Lafayette Square, Salcedo Park, and the Richmonde Hotel.

In 1996, another high-rise luxury residential development known as Pacific Plaza Towers in Fort Bonifacio gained prestige for the company. The influx of challenging projects brought Arch. Casas back to the Philippines to spearhead this landmark project which was completed in 2000.

In 1997, the firm RECIO+CASAS was awarded the first prestigious title of Firm of the Year Award by the Philippine Institute of Architects.

After 20 years, RECIO+CASAS demerged when Arch. Recio withdrew from the partnership. Arch. Casas continued to run the firm with its new partners and have since then changed the name to CASAS+ARCHITECTS. Since then, the firm has evolved into a new identity specializing in diversified Architectural projects ranging from Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Entertainment complexes.