Remington Hotel

Pasay City

The Remington Hotel is a 700-room hotel designed to cater to travellers who want affordable accommodation.  The hotel is bounded by three major thoroughfares, namely Sales Street, Newport Boulevard (formerly Manlunas Street) and Andrews Avenue.  The hotel guestroom occupies the second up to the sixth floor and the serviced apartments occupy the seventh up to the ninth floor.  The ground floor welcomes the guests via its main lobby and some retail establishments flanking Newport Boulevard.  Back-of-house facilities and parking areas are located at the two basement levels.

The hotel adopts some tenets of sustainable design.  It has naturally cross ventilated hallways and large windows at guestrooms to maximize natural lighting.  A storm water collecting system handles the irrigation requirement for all landscape areas and a ducted-type, energy efficient heat pump handles water heating requirements.  The cooling requirement for selected areas is also addressed by the same energy saving pump system which makes use of its system by-product in the form of recovered cool air.